My Mission

I consider my mission in working with children to be based in a strong sense of spirituality. Each child is a unique joy and needs to be respected for the individual strengths and sensitivities that he or she brings into a home. I help to bring out these amazing and very personal characteristics so that the family as a whole can thrive in harmony.

I want to create better childhoods by empowering parents and nannies with the tools that will allow for a more organic and peaceful lifestyle. Whether it is healthy eating, providing positive structure, or developing a sense of participation in a greater community, I advocate a holistic approach to child care.

I focus on the happiness and health of both the children and parents with whom I work. If moms and dads are not tending to their own minds, bodies, and souls, the children are not living in a well-balanced home. I strive to remove the societal pressure that parents and caregivers find when it comes to raising their children the "right way" and just enjoy the amazing experience of being a family.

With Love,
Barbara Rodriguez